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Wanted: Your stories and your best photos of the Hungarian Cultural Garden!

Send us your stories and best photos and scans which we will publish on our website...

by Lél F. Somogyi, HCG historian

The Hungarian Cultural Garden has changed more in the last 5 years than it did for most of its prior 75 years. Now that the garden is 80, we want to make sure we have lots of photos of what has been done to improve it. We also want photos of the ceremonies and events that take place at the Hungarian Cultural Garden.

Do you have photos you have taken? Do you have photos, scans or images of materials from many years ago? Please send it to us! For the photos we publish, we'll add your name to give you credit if you want. Send emails, with up to 10 MB of photos, or links to where photos can be downloaded, to Lél F. Somogyi at

The higher the quality and the larger the size of the original photo or scanned file, the more valuable it is for historical purposes.

Do you have a story about the Hungarian Cultural Garden? Do you know someone who was there many years ago and has recollections that we can capture in audio or in writing? Send us your thoughts, your stories, and let us know if we can help capture the distant past, the more recent past and present, before it is lost forever. 

Note: The Photo Contest that was previously announced has been cancelled by the organizer. However, your photos can still help us preserve the history of the Hungarian Cultural Garden!

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