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We have one of the largest gardens in the Federation of Gardens and the responsibility to do what we can to preserve and renovate this priceless treasure.

Although we have started the work of renovation, and rededicated ourselves and the Hungarian community to it, we still have much work ahead of us to repair the many decades of deterioration. The 70+ years of weathering and inaction took a severe toll on our beautiful garden.

There is still much to do to renovate the garden to its previous grandeur. We need your help and donations to keep going on our work to eliminate the deterioration. We started Phase I, weed and overgrowth control, in late 2007. We completed major structural repair projects in late 2008 and throughout 2009

In preparation for the rededication of the  Hungarian Cultural Garden on August 24, 2008 on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, we were able to make significant headway in removing overgrowth and stabilizing some of the main structural elements.

Work has continued, with renewed emphasis on the lower garden and the dedication of the monumental Legacy Wall in on the occassion of the 75th anniversay in 2013.

The pathways and walks, plantings and other elements of the garden, both upper and lower, have characterized the work done in subsequent years, leading up to the 80th anniversary of the Hungarian Cultural Garden in 2018.  There is still much more to do in coming years.

We have a number of fundraising events planned over the coming months to help finance the urgently needed work.

For information about HCG and our current fundraising events, please visit our website at: For many photos, links to other items of interest and commentary on the garden, visit our Facebook page at:

Hungarian organizations, clubs, churches and individuals in Greater Cleveland have joined together to preserve and renovate this one-of-a-kind Garden of Peace. Join with proud Hungarians like you in celebrating our heritage and culture! BECOME A MEMBER!

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